Julie Horrocks RSHom, MNCHM

Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
& Member of the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine

Your first consultation

We arrange your appointment by phone and set aside 1 - 1 ½ hours. This is your opportunity to tell me how you cope with stresses in your life.

The questions I like to ask:

  • What you would like help with - anything from a diagnosed physical complaint to a more general health problem, from low energy, insomnia, or loss of appetite, pain, to anxiety or emotional states,
  • How is it affecting you - when does it happen, does it worry you, does it stop you doing anything, and do you take painkillers or medication
  • How are you in yourself - your energy, sleep, appetite, emotions and mood
  • What has happened to you before this - your past medical and personal history
  • Once I have a comprehensive picture of how you are then I can select the homeopathic treatment to suit you individually. This often involves taking a tablet or remedy which tastes sweet and dissolves in the mouth.

    For the soul

    For the body

    For the spirit

    Get well, and stay well with homeopathy