Julie Horrocks RSHom, MNCHM

Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
& Member of the Northern College of Homeopathic Medicine

Who uses homeopathy?

People of all ages including:

  • Tiny babies who startle, persistently cry, don't settle or feed well, develop skin disorders, high temperatures, those who aren't thriving and develop slowly
  • Children with persistent fears and worries, those with challenging behaviour, and continuing health problems
  • Adults with low energy, those who feel emotionally imbalanced, snoring and insomnia, others with chronic illness that persists and symptoms return again and again, or inherited weaknesses
  • Those who want to avoid surgery or medication
  • NB. It is always advisable to make an informed choice and consider options available and discuss these with your medical practitioner after tests and diagnostic checks have been fully explored.

    I love homeopathy. It is such a gentle way of ironing away stresses that have developed over the years. I see anxiety fade, tension dissolve, sleep return, energy build.

    When a patient returns well - it may surprise them that they've returned to a previous state of well-being - and often I don't recognise them, as they have changed - their appearance, hairstyle, dress and confidence too.

    After treatment patients have felt:
    "I'm the person I used to be", "I can dance again", "It's better than gin and tonic", "I want some more of that", "those things don't bother me anymore", "she has just flourished, at home and at school".

    I have a particular interest in treating children having used homeopathy for my own four children as they grew up, in first aid situations and acute illness. I am also interested in women's health issues and particularly in treating the elderly.

    An audit of my practice shows that patients coming with a diagnosis from their doctor of eczema, psoriasis, cancer, catarrh, chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic heart disease, crohn's disease, fibroids, gallstones, gout, hypothyroid, OCD, ovarian cysts, pregnancy and childbirth, arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, schizophrenia, vertigo, sought treatment from myself over the last 12 months

    For evidence of the efficacy and effectiveness of homeopathy please visit the website of the Society of Homeopaths.